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If this is all new to you it may be helpful to first take a look at the Spiritual Perspectives and/or Journey tabs to better understand the roots, context, where this is coming from.

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  • Ramone in Mount Ida
  • Grandmother Sally


  • A few
  • wackypheasant
    A film camera, this was a pheasant with a broken leg. I had channeled some energy to it and thought I'd take its picture. When asked what the heck Spirit told me it was a gift to trust my knowing. Dang.
  • lee_orb_me
    Lee and Me and an orb.
  • energy2
    Film camera, smoky energies showing up in this and the following two.
  • energy3
  • energy4
  • 20171220_075911
    In the magical redwoods - is this rain?
  • 20171220_075920
    This was the next image nine seconds later, maybe a big ol drop. Those redwoods. But none of the other shots had any of this. hmmm... and I don't remember if it was raining. Moist forests though.
  • IMG_5901
    Caesarea, Israel, at the aqueduct. An enormous mother ship over the Mediterranean Sea.
  • IMG_5900b
  • IMG_5898e
  • 2005-05-02-11.04.05
  • IMG_7801a
    On to orbs. The Greek Orthodox portion of the Church of the Sepulchre. Back pew.
  • IMG_7770a
    Church of the nativity, Bethlehem.
  • IMG_8480
    Basilica of the Agony of Gesthemane (Church of Nations) Jerusalem.
  • IMG_8000f
    That bright light on the back wall was not from any lighting.
  • 20060301100626
    An orphanage in Bethlehem.
  • 20060301100652
  • 20060301100704
  • IMG_7620
    Shephards Cave, Bethlehem, where it is said the birth really took place. Felt true, more smokish energetics showing up.
  • IMG_4474
    The last day of Ramadan. A top rated belly dancing club in Istanbul. Behind his head.
  • IMG_4475
  • IMG_4485
  • IMG_8360
    My short modeling career in Turkey. Luckily an odd shaped orb in the upper left was there to critique.

So are the decades of our lives...

Then my vision returned. Yay.

A few year span

  • Sharlynn
  • New Category

Handed to me outside the Minnesota State Fair late 90's

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  • Hernandoinsides02
  • Hernandoinsides01

Have fun!

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  • 2014-Arizona/Sedona
  • 20121212_150458
    Sophia (met at Kuai farmers market) and Heidi who we met in Pisaq and ended up being a very good friend to this day. Another long story.
  • 20121216_085605
    The boat expedition Lake Titicaca. That's me in the reflection.
  • 20121216_110835
    Simple life. This little guy was having a blast with what he had utilized to play with. Outdoors playing - who knew? People of unconditional happiness.
  • 20121216_145009
    Playing with the fish-eye lens.
  • 20121216_145016
    My recovering nose.
  • 20121219_125259
    Czech Sylwester who worked for the local shawoman that did the ayauhasca journey I attended. An incredible experience. He was helping with the flute.
  • 20121221_103635
    Sophia called this my Mexican waiter outfit. 12/21/12 (end of the world day) at Machu Pichhu.
  • 20121221_092159
    Sophia with Wayu Picchu behind her. She made the trek up there. A VERY spiritual encounter, step forward for her, quite a process. A brave one she is.
  • 20121221_113655
    That's using a telephoto catching a guy up there where Sophia went. When we got to the gate I was told I'd never make it with my camera bag. The only place to store it was way back at the entrance.
  • 20121221_105305
    Notice the blocks.
  • 20121221_134318
    The entrance to Wayu Picchu.
  • 20121221_121546
    I hid in the bushes while Sophia was on her quest.
  • 20121221_123758
  • 20121221_130825
    My friend. The bird. Hidin out.
  • 20121221_134213
    Notice those stones.
  • 20121221_171637
    After a very exhausting expereince - she survived.
  • 20121221_171028
    Nice pants.
  • 20121223_092744
    A Christmas tree made from two liter soda bottles. Urubamba.

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